About Me


I’m Cynthia and I’m a grad student studying in the Bay Area. I’m originally from New Mexico and went to college in Austin, Texas. As many will tell you, I greatly enjoy eating good food (whether it’s from Michelin star or mom-and-pop, hole-in-the-wall restaurants or even food trucks), doing fun things in San Francisco, traveling with friends, and baking. I’m hoping to use this blog as a way to document all of the recipes I try, adventures I go on, and life lessons I learn. Thanks for dropping by!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Cynthia,
    I’ve noticed you post a lot of great content about life, food, and exploration of the Bay Area. I’m working for a new start-up called HeyLets and we’re trying to get people excited about doing what you do. We want our users to rediscover their city through mini-recommendations from people with similar interests and hopefully pay it forward. I was wondering, would you be interested in sharing some of your positive experiences in your community with us? We’d love to hear what you have to say and help you promote your blog.
    Drop me a line if you’re interested in more info: adam@heylets.com
    Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!

  2. “I’ve recently become interested in all things cooking, baking, and hosting brunches and dinner parties.” <– my life exactly! What does synthesizing novel materials during the day mean?? I'm intrigued. (I wanted to be an author from age 7+) Love your section on bay area fun!

    • Haha. Sounds like we have a lot in common, especially because I love pancakes! That’s just the fancy way of saying I do chemistry and make stuff. Haha. Well, you’re an author of a blog, at least! Aww, thanks! That means a lot since you’re a Bay Area native! 🙂

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