More Nail Trends

Half-moon manicure in coral and gold and teal/turquoise and gold

On Pinterest, I’ve frequently seen the nail trend of half moon manicures and I finally decided to try it out. A lot of people suggest using reinforcement holes for loose-leaf paper to make the half-moon shape, but since I didn’t have those stickers available, I just free-handed it.

I’m a pretty indecisive person. So in true Cynthia-fashion, because I couldn’t decide on a color, I painted one hand teal/turquoise and gold and the other hand coral and gold. Both colors turned out great in my opinion, so even though my hands didn’t match, they still looked awesome! Haha.

Pop of pink and chevron

Another nail trend I’ve seen is the mixed print nail design. I chose to do a chevron pattern on my ring finger. Again, as a tip, many people say to use scotch tape or nail tape to create the chevron pattern. But being too lazy to cut up tape and having rather bad experiences with scotch tape peeling off my nail polish, I did the design free-hand. To make the uneven-ness of the zig-zags less noticeable, whenever I showed off nails, I flashed my hand very quickly, so people would only see the design briefly. Just long enough for people to admire the nail art, but  short enough so that they couldn’t see the mistakes. 😛

Lightning bolt

One last nail design I decided to try was the lightning bolt by Nailside. Her tutorials are really easy to follow and she has some beautiful nail art. I first did only two colors, teal and black. Then decided to add silver to my ring finger for a little pop!

Lightning bolt with pop of silver on accent nail

I love trying new nail designs and trends. For someone with very limited artistic talented, nail art is one of the few creative, artsy things I can actually do. Haha.

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