Everything is better when it’s mini – Mini Cherry Pies

How cute are these mini pies?

For some reason, miniature anything is super cute, especially food. I mean, look at mini cupcakes, mini burgers, and mini donuts. Even, the MINI cars are super cute. I don’t know what about them makes them so appealing. Maybe it’s because small things are inherently super cute, like babies, puppies, and kittens. Or maybe it’s that people don’t feel as bad eating a mini dessert. (I know that’s true for me!)

One day, after seeing so many pictures of cute mini pies, I decided on a whim that I needed to make some right away. So I biked to Trader Joe’s on the way home to pick up frozen pie crust. I know, I know, it’s a lot cheaper and tastier to make your own, but I wanted it fast… which is ironic, since I had to wait over an hour for the crust to defrost. Sometimes my brain doesn’t think things out all the way through… 😛

There were some cherries that were close to going bad in my refrigerator, so I decided to salvage them and make cherry pie. I have to admit though, cherry pie is not one of my favorites. It looks a little too fake to me with the bright, vibrant red cherries that glisten. Or maybe I’ve just seen too many advertisements that use fake cherry pies. But I do love the designs on the top crust of pies, from the woven lattice to the circular or heart shaped cut outs. Pies are definitely works of beauty.

This really isn’t much of a recipe since I didn’t make the pie crust myself and making the filling consists of stirring together cherries (or whatever fruit you want), some sugar, a bit of flour, and a splash of amaretto (you can leave this out – I just thought cherries and amaretto would go well together). I didn’t really make any measurements (gasp!), but I did consult some cherry pie recipes to get a feel for what goes into the filling. To assemble the mini pies, all you have to do is cut out circles of dough and place them in a muffin tin. Fill the crust with your filling and decorate the tops of the pies any way you want.

The best part about making miniature pies, was that instead of making one regular sized pie, I got to make four (mini) pies! So I got to make not just one pie crust design, but four! It made me super excited! 😀 (Note: I didn’t use up all of the pie crust, I just got tired after making four and my creative juices ran dry for pie designs. :P)

I actually didn’t try any of these pies and wasn’t around when someone (I still don’t know who) gobbled them up. I’m assuming they were good since I couldn’t find a single trace of them! Like I said, no one can resist something when it’s mini!

2 thoughts on “Everything is better when it’s mini – Mini Cherry Pies

  1. I love mini-baked goods. It deceives me into thinking I can eat more of them since they’re small. I have the same problem with an overabundance of cherries that are starting to rot in my fridge. This sounds like a fabulous way to use them!

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