I Scream for Ice Cream! East Bay Edition

About three months ago, thanks to two events put on by Yelp, I was able to go behind-the-scenes of two local, Bay-Area businesses: Scream Sorbet and Fenton’s.

First stop was Scream. We went behind the counter and learned about how they achieve super smooth, creamy sorbet without using any dairy. The secret is in their ice shaving machine that shaves blocks of sorbet into crystals only microns thick. Even more impressive are their amazing flavor combinations. We sampled several flavors, including saffron almond, apple walnut, coconut thai basil, and more. Not only are their flavors a bit unique and exotic, but also so strong and intense!

What impressed me the most about Scream was their creativity and execution. Coming up with crazy flavors is one thing, but to actually make such intense, delicious flavors is definitely a skill. Some of my favorites included carrot ginger and coconut thai basil. The carrot ginger packed a big punch of ginger, which was so satisfying for me, a well-known ginger lover amongst my friends and family. I usually find that most desserts advertised as ginger aren’t ginger-y enough for me – they often only have a hint of ginger. Scream’s carrot ginger was amazingly ginger-y. However, I don’t think I could eat a whole scoop of the flavor.

The next day, my friends and I went to Fenton’s to learn more about the famous creamery that is a favorite of East Bay locals and of course, Pixar! Fenton’s became well known after being featured in the Pixar movie UP! Once I heard that, I knew I had to visit it as soon as possible.

On our tour of Fenton’s, we learned about how they make their whipped cream and special malt whipped cream, walked through their huge freezers where they store all of their ice cream, and watched the process of making their ice cream.

  Of course, no tour is complete without a taste test. We each got a scoop of strawberry cheesecake ice cream and a wide variety of toppings to choose from, from assorted nuts to their homemade fudge sauce to marshmallows and nutter butters.

Thanks to Yelp for the two awesome field trips and letting me get my fill of delicious sorbet and ice cream. If you’re wanting something cold and sweet this summer, stop by either Scream Sorbet or Fenton’s Creamery. You definitely won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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